January 2, 2013

resolutions 2013

How did you all do in your 2012 resolutions?? I had a big fat fail! Lets take a look.

1. Use my twitterpinterest, and tumblr more.
Haha I definitely did not do any of these. I used pinterest a lot of the wedding but when school started I really stopped, as did much of everything else!
2. Blog more
Not. Again for the same reason above.
3. Drop my added 25 lbs 
I think I gained 10 more to that 25lbs L
4. Read 24 books this year.
Well, this is the only one I made progress on. I read:
            The Fifty Shades Trilogy by EL James (3)
Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness (1)
Bared to You by Sylvia Day (1)
Death Comes to Pemberly by PD James (1)
Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris (1)
It by Stephen King (1)
Salems’ Lot by Stephen King (1)

9 books read. Not bad for getting married and starting grad school. Daniel resolution was to read 10 books and he read 0. So I don’t feel so bad!

Have you thought of your new resolutions? Here is a few of mine:
- Beat my dad in our weight loss competition by May
- Read 10 books I had to cut it down due to the amount of classes I’m taking in the next 2 semesters. I already have 5 picked out.
- Manage my stress. 
- Learn more Spanish baby steps to becoming fluent
-Create monthly goals. January: complete 30-day Bikram Yoga Challenge!

What's yours?

December 25, 2012

merry xmas.

Feliz Navidad! 

I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season. I will be back at the beginning of the year full force. Promise. While you wait here are somethings to check out and enjoy.

Erin Loechner from Design for Mankind wrote this amazing post about Slow Blogging.

Chalk Lettering, OMG she's amazing!

Hipsters Thanksgiving, need I say more?

AutoCorrects are guarenteed to always make me cry I'm laughing so hard. Some of the best from 2012.

50 Things to Stop Doing Forever and 6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person. Read think about New Years Resolutions.

Lastly, I started on of my New Years Resolutions already. A happiness tumblr "Happiness Is..." where I will write one thing that made me happy that day, every day. Great huh?

See you next year!

December 5, 2012


I've gained about 30+ lbs since 2010 and I've tried multiple things to get it off. HCG, Weight Watchers online, the gym, P90X, Jillian Michaels and of course I am still 30lbs too heavy. There was one point when I was doing P90X with a coworker and my wedding dress fit like a glove, however I stopped after a month, and my wedding dress was a little tight. I have no extreme goals like to be 115lbs or size 1 jeans anymore, I just want to be normal and for all my clothes to fit comfortably, is that so much to ask for? haha yes.

I need motivation! So I’m asking you all to do P90X with me only if you have it! No need to go out and buy it. Dont have it? Choose any workout that you've been wanting to do, and do it everyday with 1 or 2 day breaks. You can still work out hard!

Its fun, Tony Horton is crazy, you’ll want to give up, but it’s totally worth it and I know you’ll lose weight and look rockin’, just in time for the warm weather…well at least here in Vegas.

We’ll start tomorrow the 6th. What do you say??

I do the lean version, and I don’t do Yoga. Sorry it’s too long.
I don’t have any gifts for those who stick with me, maybe I’ll think about it if you really make it to the end. and its hard, trust me. This will be my like my 7th time trying, I've only made it a month in.

So make sure to weigh in, measure and take photos of yourself so you can see the results!
“Lets burn some goo.”

December 4, 2012

by popular demand.

I’m back! 
Woah, can you believe it?? I had one crazy year and there was no way I could keep up my blogging as much as I wanted to.  

Quick Recap: As you know D proposed on Christmas and then a couple months later I decided that I wanted to completely change my career and go back to school (I do that often). So with a couple weeks from deadline to apply I was getting everything in and a month later I was accepted to Graduate school. Begin the craziest year ever!
So because I think I am Wonder Woman I decided to plan a wedding in 6 months, move, find a new job, and start grad school. I’m insane.

But here I am now married, back in Las Vegas (looking for yet another job…I really cant seem to settle), and just completed my first semester in grad school. Woohoo! Also did I mention I was another 10lbs heavier?

Sadly, I’m a stress eater.

So lets do this! I’ll slowly recap my year, and bring back the blog that everyone missed so much right?

P.S. No more anonymous comments! When you go to comment click on Name/URL. You don’t need a URL just put your name!
Then I know who you are.
Don’t be shy!